Wyse Awards about Investment

  • Wyse Awards: Most Affordable Big Cities

    Jun 19, 2018awardsinvestmenthousing+ 2 more

    For most of us, the big city conjures up visions of cramped quarters with rental fees that devour the majority of the monthly budget. At WalletWyse, we've challenged this assumption with a customized affordability index that applies median state-wide income to home prices in large metropolitan areas of more than 3 million people. Our results... Read More

  • Best Value Vacations

    Jun 8, 2018travellifestyleleisure+ 2 more

    The world is more exciting and accessible than ever before. But, not all vacations are made equal when it comes to the value they offer. We have identified a few vacation destinations that stand above the rest, and will scratch whatever itch needs... Read More

  • Wyse Awards: Best Value Vehicles for 2018

    Apr 8, 2018carlifestylevalue+ 2 more

    Our inaugural Best Value Vehicles ranking takes a different approach to car rankings. Car classes are thrown out the window in favor of a more value-centric approach. Not all cars offer the same thing, and that's ok, but there are a few cars that stand out as fantastic choices no matter what segment you're shopping.... Read More

  • Wyse Awards: Best Cities for Retirement

    Apr 8, 2018awardsretirementinvestment+ 2 more

    For many of us, the city or town we live and work in isn't the ideal location to settle down for our golden years. You've worked hard, provided for your family, and now it's time to find the perfect place to relax, enjoy, and importantly, make your dollars go far. We've crunched the data so you don't have to. Our awarded cities are two-parts Wyse... Read More

  • Wyse Awards: Best Blue-collar Towns

    Apr 8, 2018awardsinvestmenthousing+ 2 more

    According to the National Association of Realtors' 2017 report , there are a multitude of metropolises where you don't have to earn six figures to qualify for a mortgage. In fact, a household income of under $35,000 can still get you a single family home in more places than big-market media would lead you to believe. We've combed through the data... Read More

Other Wyse Awards

  • Best European Capitals for AirBnB Travelers

    Mar 29, 2019travelromemadrid+ 4 more

    There's no doubt that the culture of a country can have an impact on the costs you encounter while living or traveling there. In Italy, cocktails are often casual and reasonably-priced, whereas the same drink in London might be twice the price for half the portion. Renting an apartment or AirBnB in youth-dominated Berlin is half the price of a... Read More

  • Most Progress Toward Reducing Air Pollution

    Mar 15, 2019awardscitiesdata+ 4 more

    When we look at cities working to make themselves desirable places to live and work, the criteria for Wyse Awards expands beyond financial factors to include quality-of-life factors. In this case, we examined which U.S. cities (combined statistical areas with a population 250k+) have been most effective at improving the quality of the air their... Read More

  • Wyse Awards - Affordable Destinations: France

    Jun 26, 2018travellifestyleleisure+ 2 more

    Here at Walletwyse we believe it's always worthwhile to consider the financial impact of taking the road less travelled. Evaluating value-driven alternatives to the mainstream option can cut costs while opening you up to new possibilities, whether you're considering cars, investment strategies or travel destinations. For this Destination Wyse... Read More

  • Most Bang per Gallon: 400 HP Edition

    Jun 25, 2018carawards400 hp+ 4 more

    This Wyse Award is for the type of gearhead who looks at a turbo-charged, 220+ horsepower four-banger and shakes her head in disbelief that anyone would ever drive something so slow. In fact, for this award we sped past both the 200+ and 300+ categories for the only category that really counts: 220,000 or more non-electric foot-pounds of power... Read More

  • Wyse Awards: Best Coastal Quality of Life

    May 30, 2018awardshousinglifestyle+ 7 more

    In 2018, it really doesn't matter if you're talking about the east coast or west coast, these days they have the same bad rap (no pun intended). Sure, the coastal cities are where you can score a job that pays good bread, but by now you've probably heard most of the loaf goes toward rent, and the rest to $15 cocktails after work, with barely... Read More