Average Rent of Cities in the United States & Canada

Average Rent of Cities in the United States & Canada
Rent Data - US

This is a visual representation of Numbeo.com's rental index for U.S. and Canadian Cities (June 16, 2018). Indices are imperfect as a reference for a specific location, but they are a great way to compare locations. One of the interesting things about this dataset is visually associating cities you wouldn’t otherwise associate, based on similar rent levels.

A few notes:

  • This data is a “rent index”, which is an estimation of the average price of renting an apartments in the listed city
  • There’s no a published definition of “city”, so we can't guarantee metro areas are consistenty defined
  • Because these are averages, it's entirely possible that downtown high-rise apartments go for twice the rent listed, or large apartments in the suburbs rent for a fraction of the listed number.

Data Source: Numbeo.com's cost of living index(accessed June 16, 2018)
Tools Used: Google Sheets

Aaron A
Aaron A.