Boston - Home Equity Index

Feb 1, 2019

This interactive chart visualizes data for Boston, MA and select surrounding area. In Boston, the Zip Code with the highest percentage of homes owned free and clear is across the Charles in Cambridge (02142), where 54% of hoems are owned outright. Unsurprisingly, downtown Zip Code 02110 is the lowest, with only 12% of owner-occupied homes paid off. The Zip Code with the highest equity overall is is 02155 due to the large number of owner-occupied homes, with a total of $4.9 Billion in home equity (about the same as the China-Africa Development Fund).

Boston's housing affordability ratio is high for low-income workers, but not as high as other coastal hubs. Generally, Boston is considered renter-friendly when weighing the costs of owning a home vs. renting and saving.

The Walletwyse Home Equity Index estimates positive equity in owner-occupied homes for U.S. states, cities and Zip Codes. This includes median home values and mortgage balances, the percentage of homes owned free and clear, and aggregated total equity. The release schedule for our city maps is published here, along with the methodology for the index.

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